Friday, March 25, 2011

Sumo Bonsai Fertilizers

This year I will start to use fertilizers and other soil additives manufactured by SUMO BONSAI ®.

Organic fertilizers SUMO BONSAI ® are known to provide health and vitality. Indeed, the organic fertilizing matter is above all restabilizing, and ensures a natural nutrition according to the Yin Yang cycle, universal law of assimilation-regeneration which bonsai are also subjected to.

An organic nutrition recreates in the pot, a true natural environment needed for the plant's health, its harmonious development and its natural immunity.

I purchased these products at the end of last year and the range includes;

Bio-C1, Micro-Granular Fertilizer
Bio-C1 is perfect for all indoor bonsai and can also be used on outdoor bonsai during the spring.

Bio-C2, Micro-Granular Fertilizer
Bio-C2 is a new technology fertilizer supplying high quality nutriments to bonsai fertilization and is suitable for all outdoor bonsai.

Orplus, Liquid Organic Fertilizer
Orplus is a liquid organic fertilizer specially adapted for bonsai cultivation.

OE70 Foliaire, Leaf Trace Minerals
OE70 Foliaire is a nutritive, stimulative and protective foliar solution specially design for the cultivation of bonsai.

Naturel Compost, Vegetable Compost
Naturel Compost softens the substrate and reactivates the baterial environment. It can be used on all bonsai species, indoor and outdoor.
Naturel Compost maintains the quality of the soil and reinforces the organic fertilizers' assimilation.

T.O.N.U.S V, Natural Plant Fertilizer
T.O.N.U.S V stimulates the multiplication process of root cells.
The macro and micro nutriments provided by T.O.N.U.S V strongly aid the recovery of roots after repotting and strengthen the nutritive natural cycles indispensible to bonsai.

I will try to monitor how the trees repond to this new range and hopefully I am presenting nice photos of my lush trees by the end of the season.

All these products are available from our webshop Raisio Bonsai and Garden.