Monday, October 26, 2009

Japanese maple #1

The cold nights are starting to come now in this part of the world. These nights start to turn the leaves on the trees all different colours. We have some big maple trees in our garden and the tops of these turned almost bright red. Maples are of course very good at showing off their colours and Japanese maples in particular display such wonderful colours at this time of year.

This is the same tree I purchased from Bauhaus that will need an immediate repot next spring, but you can already see that in a few years once the canopy has developed further this should be a nice tree.


  1. Hi!

    Do you know what kind of Japanese maple this is? It's hard to tell the size of the tree fom the pictures, thus to guess about the variant. Good luck with the tree! Over here have all the (bonsai) maples already dropped their leaves, and I have moved most of them to the cellar.

  2. Hello Maud,

    Unfortunately there wasn't any label with the tree so I am not exactly sure the species. The height of the tree is 34cm from the top of the pot. All my bonsai trees, except the two large pines, are against the side of the house so they are slightly protected from the frost. Soon I will move them inside my garage which was something I did last year and then wait for the spring to see if the trees have survived the winter.