Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Scots pine yamadora

Scots pine (Pinus Sylvestris) is one of the most common trees found in Finland. A couple of years ago I collected some Pine trees and planted them into the ground at my old house. These continued to grow in the ground without any adverse affects. When moving house last year I had to remove them from the ground and plant them into large pots. Unfortunately because of my lack of experience these died over the winter period because they had so little time to recover. I had planted them into the pots too late in the year and with little to none of the original soil.

I have since been reading many hours of information available on the internet about the collection of Pine trees and armed with this information went about collecting a couple of trees at the end of summer. This period is the best time to collect or even repot this type of tree because the roots are more active during the autumn than earlier in the year. I also collected much of the surrounding soil containing the all important Mycorrhizal fungi. This fungi helps to get the nutrients from the soil through to the roots and can take many years to grow. Retaining this fungi in the collection or repotting process is very important for the survival of Pine trees.

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