Thursday, October 22, 2009

Scots pine #1

The truck on this Scots pine (Pinus Sylvestris) is one of the reasons I broke my back to collect it. The shape and size of this tree takes years to establish and is clearly one of the reasons why the best bonsai material (potensai) can really only be found from mother nature herself.

The tree was found on top of a hill and completely exposed to the elements. There was not much soil around the tree and, fortunately for me, all the roots were growing on top of the rock that made up the hill.
Once it was collected and back home I made the wooden box, I have learned that planting the tree back into the ground is not the best solution long term, that will be it's home for the next 2 years. I started immediately feeding the tree and continued to feed every 2 weeks with a balanced soluble feed. This it seemed to like because new needles started to appear in many areas, even areas that were almost without any needles. Now I need to nurse it through the winter and then wait patiently for next spring to see if I have learned something from my many hours of studying.

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